Ennovar is adding jobs and growing the economy — fulfilling WSU’s strategic plan — and paving the way for additional organizations on campus that make the Innovation University concept real — right now.

An applied learning institute at Wichita State University

What we offer

Solutions for software, technology, and support services to companies worldwide

Software Development

Turning characters into code. Websites, mobile apps, machine learning, you name it. Our team incorporates programmatic thinking, are platform agnostic, and has experience in multiple software disciplines – everything you need to turn your projects into reality.

Technical Support Services

Turning questions into answers. Providing Level 1 support for basic customer issues while leveraging the knowledge from our solution and software teams. Housing your technical support team in our offices gives you a cost effective alternative to in-house or offshore options. View Flyer

Solution Reference Architecture

Turning data into decisions. Delivering hardware and software platform testing, third-party verification, A/B testing, and technical validation for your products and solutions. Creating the typology, proof points, and technical documentation you need to win.

Cyber Security

Turning concern into confidence. Ennovar and Cyber Research Group partnered to deliver the highest level of cyber security and IT support. We offer complete solutions in enterprise IT services, IA/Cyber Security services, service desk and customer support.
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Ennovar at Wichita State University emphasizes education, emerging technology, experiential learning, evolutionary research, exploration, and engagement. A collaboration of industry, student technicians, and subject matter experts produces the high quality deliverables companies require while providing the most highly experienced next generation workforce. Ennovar is a derivative of the Spanish word “innovar,” which means, “to innovate.” Join the innovation!

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Companies are currently seeking their next generation workforce. Push the boundaries with our dedicated team of hardware specialists, software developers, communication and graphic design experts, business analysts, and technology professionals to sharpen your skill sets, develop new competencies, and gain the real-world experience for that direct path in your career development.

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