New WSU coding academy will produce real work for the real world

A new coding academy launched this year by Wichita State University’s Ennovar Institute will teach people of all skill levels the basics of software coding, expanding the technology talent base at WSU and in the local community.

Instruction will cover HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Version Control with Git, the Bootstrap CSS Framework, jQuery JavaScript Framework and Meteor.js. Each workshop will be taught by an industry professional and offer a class setting and mentor shadowing in frontend development.

The academy is already underway with workshops starting this week. The first round, which started Feb. 9, filled up quickly.

Registration is not limited to Wichita State students. Go to to sign up for the next session, which runs from 1-5 p.m. Saturdays from Feb. 20-April 16 in Beggs Hall, Room B215.

Coding skills are becoming more and more crucial in the workforce, says Kenton Hansen, software development lab director for Ennovar.

“Every company in the 21st century is a technology company,” he says. “Learning basic coding skills is as important as learning a second language. These skills can boost a resume to the top or give someone the tools to build a prototype or fully functioning app.”

More job opportunities for students

Wichita State students who complete the workshops will be in a prime position to apply for a paid entry-level programming position at Ennovar, which is dedicated to applied learning.

The coding workshop is designed to provide the general knowledge a frontend developer needs, plus a little extra – exactly what Ennovar needs, Hansen says.

“We work with industry to produce work used in the real world. Right now, the hardest thing we have to do is find student employees who have the skills we need to produce that work,” says Hansen.

Hansen says the coding academy falls in line with WSU President John Bardo’s vision of providing programs that produce workforce-ready graduates. Learning to code could be a benefit to students from almost every college and any profession.

The average person, too, can enjoy these courses, which will provide individuals with an opportunity to learn the thinking required to solve problems with strategy, software and processes.

“This workshop is the perfect starting place because it is the very basics,” Hansen says. “Anyone who can type will be able to attend these classes, learn the concepts and then put them into practice with guidance.”

In the coming months, WSU’s coding academy plans to provide other workshops, including mobile app development, backend web development and game development.

For more information on Ennovar, go to

By: Lainie Mazzullo


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